Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Promised Room

For most of the years we have lived in Jade House, sewing space was as changeable and dreary as the Dutch weather. I felt like Moses in the desert.  Lots of promises, lots of grumbling. The living room, dining room, and  the front bedroom were all used from time to time. Sewing projects kept piling up; put off because I loathed the process of recreating the wheel every time I needed to sew something even quickly and simple:  most of my projects are not that simple. I learned all about patience. The intended sewing and craft space was designated for the old goat barn/coal shed (now rechristened "The Annex") which is connected to the house behind the kitchen.  The first rebuild project out there was to create a TV and Wii space for the kids to hang out with their friends. It turns out they never really did that because other projects have made it a temporary storage spot (to my mild chagrin), but the space will morph into a nice spare sleeping area for our summer visitors since we cool it in the worst of the heat. The office and administration area is out there as well; I spend more and more time writing and reading out there now that I am alone most of the time. All of that was well and good, but I yearned for space to create without interruption.

In the course of time we realized putting the sewing area in the upper loft of The Annex was a logistics nightmare- climbing up and down a ladder with armfuls of fabric was not very safe. And it was more isolated than I liked.  So Himself now has the upper loft for his tools and stuff- and he can be as messy as he wants. win-win.

Careful thinking through of heights and widths- custom designed shelves and spindles- good flooring- a new window- and viola!  No more goat shed. A sewing space was born.  Since I have been working in there a bit over a year, I can honestly say that I have been totally pleased with the layout and the design.  The size forces me to be organized and tidy between projects. It is big enough though for two sewers to dance around each other  if needs be. Once we get the carport and the large loft reorganized, the space behind the sewing table will open up so I could have a class of four if I had a mind to...who knows what the future will bring?

There are a few decorations to be hung---but I am too happily sewing to really mind.  I just wish I could work as fast as I did ten years ago! But oh the joy of the promised space!

As you walk in from the Annex through  the sliding door, the impression is organized chaos.  I hope this will get better as time goes on and I complete the to-do list.  Himself made the window in the back corner. The view is out into the fruit and vegetable garden.

All the tables are extra high so less bending, slouching and back pain.  The mechanics cases on the wall were painted by my son.  I didn't think to move the pink cutting mat- there is a light box built into the table.  No more taping things to the window!!
You might think it is cluttered, but all the stuff on the windowsill and on the beams are mementos which each have a story. This is "my" room, indeed.  I love working back here. Dig the crazy pink radio!
Every storage space was thought out and chosen. This is ribbons, trims, laces, interfacing, muslin, and small units of batting, stuffing...It might change over time but it is so good to have everything right at my fingertips!
In the opposite corner is the everything but sewing area.  I was hoping the kids would sit there and craft while I worked- but they are all grown and gone on to other things. Sometimes Himself sits and corrects exams while I work.  We just quietly do our thing, but together.  The clear spot in the ceiling is a plexiglass trap door that lets in natural light, keeps cold air and the unwary from falling down into my space,  One of our better ideas. Some day I have decals to go on the cupboard doors....

So if you are pounding on the front door and wonder where I am...go around back. You are welcome!

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